The Global Road to Ruin through Education Videos of a two-day conference with 12 speakers gives an overview of current education problems and policies delivered by researchers who have tracked this process for over 40 years!  Watch the individual videos.

Common Core : Dangers and Threats to American Liberty and Education (DVD Teaser) from FreedomProject PRO Available on DVD September 2013 only at FreedomProject Education

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Who We Are...


C.U.R.E. is a grassroots coalition of moms, dads, teachers, and administrators who are committed to ensuring American children have access to the best education no matter the circumstance of the student. We are committed to ensure that every child is able to receive a classical education that creates the most exceptional student our educational system can provide.


We are solution based and want to offer parents alternatives to the government run public education system that is meant to indoctrinate not educate. If you are tired of the education your child is receiving please look at the alternatives we promote here.


And please get involved, these are our children and our future!

Parents, teachers and concerned citizens uniting for a one mission coalition, to ensure our children have access to a fair, balanced and classical education.

We are here to help parents, teachers, administrators, churches and our felllow citizens to become educated as to the reform movement that is currently affecting our children all over the country. We aim to ensure parents that there are alternatives to a nationalized education system.

The Brainy Bunch: The Harding Family's Method to College Ready by Age Twelve If the Harding family can do it, your family can too!

Help us fund the mission of Operation Jericho.  With every game purchased we will receive 10% of the proceeds which will be used to send the IndoctriNation Video and information packet to the pastors across the nation. 

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