Operation Jericho is a project of CURE with the mission of garnering the support of pastors and their churches to inform parents in their congregation about the curriculum that our government (state and federal) has pushed into our public schools.   and is forcing our teachers to teach to our children,  Unknown to most parents, the curriculum in government education is not religion neutral but has become a Humanistic, anti-Christian curriculum which is exposing their children to an ideology that is very much the opposite of what Christian parents would want their children to learn.


It is clear that removing the government intrusion into what we teach our children won't happen through the legislature without a "wake up call."


We pray that pastors will encourage the parents in their congregations to consider home schooling or private Christian schools that accept no tax funding (tax credits, vouchers, etc.) which cause them to be beholden to government standards and curriculum.  


Pastors, please learn more about the mission here and how your church can help the parents in your community give their children a Christian education.  There are many teachers in your congregation who are as much a victim of the federal government education policies as the children they teach. But, they are being silenced by school administrators who are themselves feeling the pressure to comply with the state and federal mandates.  


We feel that it is time for Christians to understand their role in the education of children. The government run schools have proven to be a failure and very much against the principles set by our founding fathers.  


We know there is a desire by parents for for alternative education because the waiting lists are long for private Christian education and local home school co-ops. 


The local community church, with it's empty classrooms six days a week, has the facilities already available to start private Christian schools, home school co-ops, or simply offer a safe and secure daycare for parents who are willing to homeschool but must work to cover the family expenses. 


Many teachers are leaving the public education system and would welcome the opportunity to teach children without the restrictions and mandates of government schooling. Growing the private Christian schools and home school co-ops that hire specialized teachers will give them a place to go.


Consider making the children in your community a "mission" by collecting funds to create scholarships for private Christian school.   Collecting school supplies for private Christian schools and for the homeschooling families is another great way to help.


If you are a member of a church and would like to encourage your pastor to join the mission of Operation Jericho, or you feel led to reach out to other pastors in your community, you will find the resources you need here.


If you or your pastor are interested in more information about this project please contact Christina Michas at c.michas@icloud.com or 760-408-0845.


To understand why our mission is critical at this time....


Watch a 30-minute trailer of IndoctriNation.


What people are Saying about IndoctriNation:

"Every Christian parent with a child in a government school should see this [movie] and be forced to confront their unwillingness to do what Scripture requires for the children on loan to them by God. A mass exodus from government schools is the only way to preserve the souls and minds of our children."

  Cal Thomas (America’s most widely syndicated op-ed columnist)

"This is the most important issue facing the Body of Christ, an issue that must be addressed and put to rest forever. IndoctriNation is an extremely important movie. Every church in America should show IndoctriNation. Every Christian should show IndoctriNation to their friends." 

       Ted Baehr  MovieGuide

The Brainy Bunch: The Harding Family's Method to College Ready by Age Twelve If the Harding family can do it, your family can too!

Help us fund the mission of Operation Jericho.  With every game purchased we will receive 10% of the proceeds which will be used to send the IndoctriNation Video and information packet to the pastors across the nation. 

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